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HVLP Spray Systems

HVLP Spray Systems
The newest addition to our PRO MASTER 2015 HVLP series of faux and decorative finishing spray systems is Designed and manufactured specifically for the professional faux finisher, the FX2015 HVLP spray system incorporates all of the design features most requested by the top decorators and faux finishers in the business today. Easy to adjust spray head Variable speed cool flow compressor for fine touch up or full force spray painting.
*(Custom stand not included)

  • Fully adjustable, regulated flow of cool air pressure which helps spray on glazes from drying too fast. 
  • Micro sensitive pressure system that can be adjusted for almost no over spray
  • Top loading design spray gun. 
  • Adjustable spray head and micro graduated needle combination that can be adjusted for an extensive range of materials in seconds using NO TOOLS! 
  • Air pressure adapter that can direct full line pressure to paint cup reservoir. 
  • Easy clean cup equipped with multi angle base that converts instantly from wall to ceiling spray work. 
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning or fluid tip changes using NO TOOLS! 
  • Sprays our thinnest stains to our heaviest plasters on walls, floors and ceilings, all with this one compact unit. 
  • Heavy duty contractor grade construction. 
  • Produced by Faux Effects guaranteeing the professional user the same high standard of Service, Parts, and Technical Support that you have come to expect from FauxEffects®.
Faux Effects World®  Magazine

Faux Effects World® Magazine
Finally, a designer magazine written for Faux Finishers BY Faux Finishers! Full of interviews with some of the industry's most accomplished faux and decorative artisans, photo spreads of stunning finishing work, as well as tips and tricks of the trade. Keep abreast of designer industry trends, new products and tools, or find inspiration for your next project. A must-have for any serious faux, decorative artisan or DIY'er.