SetCoat Quart Metallic Navy (0265)

SetCoat® Metallics are excellent bonding metallic paints with superb reflection and deep, dense coverage. Easy to apply, they can be used for durable wall, trim and cabinet finishes, and as a durable base coat for creating many classic decorative and dramatic accents. SetCoat® Metallic and Matte Metallic paints are appropriate for both interior and exterior applications. Brush, roll or spray... the great, smooth coverage and classic bonding qualities of SetCoat® Metallic paints are available in a wide array of 32 metallic colors including traditional and designer colors. Expand your world of color design options by using our SetCoat® Metallic and Matte Metallic paint. Available in two sheens—the standard satin and matte finish. Covers up to 400 sq ft per gallon per coat Available in quart and gallon sizes.
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