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F.E.I.® Tera Chroma™

Tera Chroma™ is a water-based coating containing finely ground natural minerals loaded into a low VOC liquid binder, which produces a unique matte, light absorbing appearance. A beautiful subtle wall finish on its own, or tint with FauxCreme® Color to desired hue. To add "movement" to this finish, add brush stroke layers, or various shades of color. Tera Chroma™ produces a natural luminous effect when applied on interior walls or other architectural elements. Low to no VOC, breathable, and virtually odorless makes Tera Chroma™ the best choice for your environment.
Sizes Available: Quarts and Gallons
Coverage: 200 - 400 Sq Ft Per Gallon
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TeraChroma Quart Tint Base
TeraChroma Quart Tint Base

TeraChroma Gallon Tint Base (803)
TeraChroma Gallon Tint Base