SetCoat® Clear

SetCoat® Clear is a clear paint that works both as a clear sealing coat and as a clear finish coat for color glazing a decorative finishing. When applied over 100% acrylic latex wall paint, it seals the surface, turning ordinary paint into an extraordinary base for easy workability and open time for decorative glaze finishes.

SetCoat® Clear can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on. Do not exceed 20% water by volume for spray on application. Apply with a flocked foam or short nap roller. Let dry at least overnight before applying color glazing mixtures.

SetCoat® Clear may be used for both interior and exterior applications, is low in VOC content and is friendly to the environment. Clean up with soap and water.

Do not apply SetCoat® Clear in temperatures below 55 degrees F. Applying paints and top coats at low temperatures reduces the ability of this product to dry properly and obtain a good film formation, thus reducing its durability.

Covers up to 400 sq ft per gallon

Available in quart and gallon sizes.
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SetCoat Clear (AquaSeal) Quart
SetCoat Clear (AquaSeal) Quart

SetCoat Clear (AquaSeal) Gallon
SetCoat Clear (AquaSeal) Gallon

SetCoat Clear UV Quart--NON RETURNABLE
SetCoat Clear UV Quart

SetCoat Clear UV Gallon--NON RETURNABLE
SetCoat Clear UV Gallon