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AquaCreme™ is a full bodied, color glazing material with a long open time for easy workability. Simply add the desired amount of FauxCreme Color™ for color glazing. This glazing material is slow drying for easy workability and dries to a durable hard finish. Multi layers of color glazing can be added with no need to clear coat between color glazed layers.

AquaCreme™ dries to a hard, durable finish and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. With any Faux Effects® glazing mediums, it is always best to work over a SetCoat® base before color glazing.

AquaCreme™ should be applied in temperatures between 68ºF and 95ºF. Applying glazes at low or high temperatures reduces the ability of this product to dry properly and obtain a good film formation, thus reducing its durability.

Covers approximately 400 sq ft per gallon

Available in quarts.
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AquaCrème Quart
AquaCrème (MasterCrème) Quart