Custom Art Images™

Faux Effects® offers an exciting new line of Original Copyrighted Art Images in the form of our patented Custom Imprints™. This collection of original hand-painted images can be embedded directly into your work Leaving no edges!

This exciting new technology empowers you to decorate with the flair and style of the most accomplished artists! These Custom Imprints* may be embedded into furniture, walls, door panels, and almost any art object. These techniques are now part of our Designer Wall Finishes and Furniture Finishes Workshops, but may also be used to simulate Marble inlays, Mosaic Tiles, Custom wood burls, and Faux Bois.

Choose from hundreds of styles or ask us about converting your own work into a Custom Imprints™ format. Images accepted are:
  • Photos 
  •  Original Art (with release) 
  •  Out of copyright material 

Images may be reduced to meet your requirements. Imprints may also be ordered in a sepia or gray tone to be custom colored by you and returned for final manufacturing. All finished Imprints can be toned, shaded, antiqued, or color enhanced using Aqua Finishing Solutions™ Products to produce your own unique masterpiece!

*Actual color may vary from on-screen representation. Every effort is made by FEI to accurately display all color options. However we cannot guarantee perfect color rendering due to variances in the photographic/printing process, PC/Phone/Tablet displays or individual user settings on their devices.

* Please allow 2 - 3 days to process Custom Imprint™ orders. Due to their fragile nature before application, Custom Imprints™ cannot be returned or exchanged.

**All Custom Imprints™ & Custom Canvas™ remain the property of Faux Effects International Inc. even in a re-colored format.