Aqua Finishing Paste™

Aqua Finishing Paste™ is a wipe-on, water-based co-polymer acrylic finish that has good wear and chemical resistance. Containing high-grade proprietary resins, it offers durability and superior bonding. As a clear, furniture-quality topcoat and decorative finishing material, this product allows for easy finishing on hard-to-finish surfaces, such as carved wood, chairs, ornate moldings, and railings. Aqua Finishing Paste™ has good wear and chemical resistance and can be polished and rubbed smooth with the of nylon pads after it has dried for at least 72 hours.

Aqua Finishing Paste™ is an excellent stenciling material because it can be tinted with FauxCreme Color and does not easily seep beneath the stencil edges—it also can be used to create embossed designs for decorative finishing.

Do not apply Aqua Finishing Paste™ in temperatures below 55 degrees F. Applying top coats at low temperatures reduces the ability of this product to dry properly and obtain a good film formation, thus reducing its durability.

Covers Approximately 50 - 200 sq ft per gallon

Sold in quarts.
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Finishing Paste - Quart
Finishing Paste - Quart