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Sandstone™ is a water-based decorative material with special, non-abrasive sand-like particles. Formulated to create a sandy texture on walls and furniture, it is also used as a basecoat in the production of faux marble and stone. Sandstone™ can be scraped to bring out the color of the embedded particles hidden within or sanded to a smooth sandstone finish. SandStone™ may be applied over most old painted surfaces or newly primed drywall. Sandstone™ can be tinted with FauxCreme Color™ and commercially available colorants for water based paint materials. It is an excellent working base for color glazing or Venetian Plaster™ finishes.

Sandstone™ may be applied by brush, roll, trowel or spray. For spray on application use a large fluid tip of at least 100 thousandths diameter. SandStone™ may be thinned up to 30% with tap water for spray applications.

Covers up to 200 sq ft per gallon

Available in gallon sizes.
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