SoSlow™ Super Extender

SoSlow™ is a super extender additive that greatly slows the drying time of water-based glazing products. It allows finishers and decorative artists to maximize control of open time to create a broad range of effects over a desired period of time. The composition of SoSlow™ helps separate the color distribution resulting in a very smooth, slow drying color coat, especially useful for cabinet and furniture refinishing.

SoSlow™ is also very effective thinner and a retardant for color concentration products including Stain & Seal™. Up to 50% by volume can be added to Stain & Seal™ to make a liquid stain that is easy to manage on large surfaces. SoSlow™ can be added to metallic paints up to 10% by volume for ease of application on large surfaces in hot or warm conditions.

Sold in pint, quart and gallon sizes.

Cannot be sold or used in SCAQMD

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