NüVilla Elegant and Traditional in Design…

NüVilla™ is an extremely versatile creamy, light and smooth decorative finishing plaster that dries to an almost flat appearance; a very low sheen without much movement. This new, low VOC plaster product is elegant and traditional in design--perfect for the client who may be apprehensive of decorative finishes and opts for just designer color plaster walls. NüVilla has subtle, light absorbing qualities that add a soft warmness to any room. An impeccable upgrade!

This soft light creamy plaster material also exhibits superior color blending qualities. Because of its velvety smoothness in nature, application on walls and other substrates is a breeze! NüVilla is excellent for both the decorative finisher and paint contractor. No burnishing is required and it's easy to repair!

Available in a tasteful 15 pre-tinted designer color palette and a tint base.

Traditional Timeless Elegance ... NüVilla® the Perfect Accent to Your Home!

Covers Approximately 150 -200 sq ft per gallon

Sold in quarts, gallons and 5 gallons.
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