Gold Label Pro Products

The Faux Effects® Gold Line products were developed specifically for the professional decorative painting contractor and skilled artisan working with ultra high quality decorative finishes. A true line of professional faux finishing products—developed by professionals for professionals. No longer is it necessary to compromise your work by adapting general use home owner paints and glazes to your purpose with qualities that can quickly turn a profitable job into a loss with very little warning.

Over the last quarter century, Faux Effects® has quietly become the product line of choice for top faux and decorative finishers. The reasons are simple. We offer the most complete line of professional faux finishing products on the market. No shortcuts that utilize inferior products, but the industry's finest techniques matched to products that work the way you do. The result: consistently brilliant finishes that cannot be matched, accomplished 3 to 4 times faster than by any other methods.

These patented techniques and products are only available to professional contractors and finishing professionals who have successfully completed a Faux Effects® Certification Workshop and will not be sold to the general public.

**Please Note you will need a Pro level
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