Additional Metallic Specilty Products

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Dutch Metals
Dutch Metals™ are "jewelers quality" Old World metallics made for an easy-to-apply leafing effect. Just wipe it on and burnish up for elegant picture frames, lamps, and other accessories.

Covers Approximately 12 sq ft per 8oz 

Sold in 8oz, 16oz, and Quarts
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Faux Metal™
Faux Metal™ is a heavily concentrated metallic paint that covers in one easy coat and resists tarnishing. Faux Metal™ may be used for stenciling, decorative trim work, fabric painting, as a base coat for gilding effects and direct to metal applications. Faux Metal™ is easy to apply, easy to clean up using soap and water and suitable for interior and exterior use.

Sold in 8 oz., pint and quart sizes.

Available in Bronze, Copper, Pale Gold, Rich Gold, Silver
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Olde World Rust Kit™
Have you ever wanted to apply an authentic rusted metal effect to decorative ironwork or metal accessories? Old World Rust™ kit is a professional quality, two part system that uses a SAFE, NON-TOXIC, NON-ACID, finishing formula.

Part one is a first coat of a textured rusty color that is applied at random. When dry, part two is a glaze of a lighter and not too textured rusty color coat is applied evenly over the entire work-piece, then blotted with a soft cloth to remove any excess.

That’s all there is to it! Beautiful and lasting, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Old World Rust™ kit contains: 16 oz. Designer Rust™ (covers up to 20 sq.ft.), 8 oz. Rust Glaze™ (covers up to 18 sq.ft.) and 32 oz. Black or Brown SetCoat® (covers up to 100 sq.ft.) Products are available individually
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