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Venetian Gem Bellissimo
Pre-colored Venetian Gem® Bellissimo plaster is a marble plaster formulated to produce high quality plaster finishes. It is a light bodied, creamy plaster material that is easier to apply as a result of the products finer consistency.

Specially developed for the professional faux and decorative artist, this versatile plaster can be layered with other Faux Effects International products to create rustic old world plaster finishes or when used alone can be burnished to emit the classic, polished Venetian plaster shine with very little effort, using cheesecloth or a plastic/stainless steel trowel. Smooth, uniformly glossy, marble- like surfaces can be created as well as the traditional matte/high shine plaster variation.

Available in Old World Colours, Jewel Colours, as well as a tinting base.

Covers Approximately 100 - 200 sq ft per gallon

Sold in quarts and gallons.
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Venetian Gem® Base Coat
Venetian Gem® is an acrylic and marble dust based plaster developed to produce high quality multi-sheen and multi-colored decorative finishes. This easy to trowel on material provides durable wear, high hide and chemical resistance and may be burnished to bring out deep color soft sheens. Venetian Gem® may be tinted with FauxCreme Color™. Venetian Gem is good for both interior and exterior applications, but in some extreme weather and sun conditions should be topcoated with UV AquaThane.

Available in a color tinting base.

Available in quart and gallon sizes.

Covers up to 200 sq ft per gallon
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Lime Slag™
Lime Slag™ is a natural lime putty that may be used as an additive to certain Faux Effects products. It is an integral part of our Venetian Gem® family of products. Adding Lime Slag™ to Venetian Gem® will result in a finish of increased beauty and brilliance as well as superior hardness and shine. Lime Slag™ may also be tinted with exterior-rated FauxCrème Color™ and thinned with water for use as a staining and burnishing agent.

Add about 25% into Venetian Gem™; this will slightly thicken the Venetian Gem material. The material may then be applied by trowel onto a properly prepared dry SetCoat base. Once dry, fine sanding then burnishing will produce a radiant, durable finish.

To learn the correct professional application procedure for Lime Slag™, training at a Faux Effects®™ Certified Workshop is recommended.

Sold in quart and gallon sizes.
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