Oxidized Finishes

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Produce beautiful, Old World verdigris patinas every time with our Verdigris™ paint kits. We've prepared the color scheme for you, but you control the tonal qualities. Perfect for interior and exterior use and may be used over most surfaces.

Verdigris™ paint products produce a durable, natural looking, oxidized metal finish over wood, plastic, iron, etc. Verdigris™ materials are a complete system of base coat and color materials designed to oxidize and turn chalky as the different color formulations dry out.

Verdigris™ paint kits are available in two base coat metallic paint color choices of 32 oz. of Metallic Bronze or Metallic Copper SetCoat® and 8 oz. Verdigris™ colors in Dark Green, Blue Green and Light Green.

Once the SetCoat® base is dry, both Dark Green and Blue Green Verdigris™ colors are applied at random over the entire surface using a brush, sponge, cheesecloth or spray. When dry, Light Green Verdigris™ color is applied. These colors may be thinned with water up to 40% to the desired color appearance.

Verdigris™ colors are also available individually in 8 oz. or quart sizes.
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Designer Rust™
Have you ever wanted to apply an authentic rusted metal effect to decorative ironwork or metal accessories? Old World Rust™ kit is a professional quality, two part system that uses a SAFE, NON-TOXIC, NON-ACID, finishing formula.

Part one is a first coat of a textured rusty color that is applied at random. When dry, part two is a glaze of a lighter and not too textured rusty color coat is applied evenly over the entire work-piece, then blotted with a soft cloth to remove any excess.

That’s all there is to it! Beautiful and lasting, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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