AquaCrackle® is a water-based paint material that is applied over AquaSize™ in Faux Effects® two-part crackle paint system (see AquaSize™). Simply brush, roll or spray on a generous coat of AquaCrackle® paint over AquaSize™ once it has set and is tacky.

Generous coats of both AquaSize™ and AquaCrackle® will produce largest crackle patterns; lighter coats will produce smaller crackle patterns. Applying AquaCrackle® in one direction will produce linear, ladder-type cracks. Sponging or rolling on the material in different directions will give a random, rounded pattern. It is best to complete a separate work sample to insure desired results.

AquaCrackle® is available in Clear, White, and Black.

Available in quart, gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

Covers Approximately: Covers up to 200 sq.ft. per gallon
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