Faux Effects® offers the most complete line of designer finishing mediums, decorative plasters and professional artist's supplies. Find all of your favorite Aqua™ painting and decorating products along with the complete line of Faux Effects® designer finishing products such as LusterStone®, SetCoat® Metallics, Venetian Gem®, Stain & Seal® and Old World Finishing Paint™. Choose from decorative artist's colors, basecoats, verdigris kits, tinting colors, waxes, topcoats, stone finishes, old world plasters, sealers, stains, color washes, metallics, iridescents, furniture and cabinet products, decorative glazes, Custom Art Imprints™, faux finishing brushes, trowels and many more items, all supported by a national network of distributors with distribution points and training centers across the United States.
LusterStone® is a low luster metallic plaster. Easily applied by trowel, LusterStone® is unsurpassed in its dimensional, beautiful decorative results. The very act of application does the decorative work for you, forming soft metallic plaster high and low effects and reflective patterns. No burnishing is required! LusterStone® metallic plasters are available in many stunning metallic designer colors. You and your walls will love the handsome look of LusterStone®!

LusterStone® is the professional choice for quality and beautiful results. Try LusterStone® on your next decorative finishing project and see for yourself why so many professional decorators and finishers are raving about this product.

Available in quarts and gallons

Covers Approximately 50 - 150 sq ft per gallon

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"All New Old World Finishing Paint pre-mixed Colors!"
All Designer Colors In Stock for Immediate Shipment!
Old World Finishing Paint
Old World Finishing Paint™ is a professional wood finishing product formulated for multiple uses. It is the perfect base and finishing coat for painted color furniture and cabinet finishing. Old World Finishing Paint™ accepts most staining materials; it will not repel the stain. Sands to a glass-like smooth finishing surface. This unique product is available in a full palette of designer colors and a tint base for all of you custom color needs. Available in a full palette of designer colors and a tint base for all of you custom color needs.

• Perfect when applied as a pre-stain wood sealer
• Perfect primer sands to a like glass smooth finishing surface
• Accepts the stain; does not repel the stain
• Tintable base with the use of FauxCreme Color
• Perfect as a base coat for faux wood finishing
• Perfect for wood cabinet and furniture refinishing
• Perfect material for spot repairing of damaged wood finishes
• Coverage varies according to use 200-400 sf per gallon
• VOC Compliant
• Soap and water clean-up

Available in Quarts and Gallons
Download The SDS Sheet